It's almost time for the Iowa Hawkeye Football season to  start! The first game of the year will be on Saturday, September 2nd, against Wyoming. The team will play a total of 12 football games in the 2017 season.

In Las Vegas, you can bet on anything. That includes how many games a particular college or NFL team will win in a season. According to, the OVER/UNDER for Iowa wins is 6.5.

That means if you bet the OVER, the Hawks MUST win at least 7 games for you to cash your ticket. If you bet the UNDER, they CAN'T win more then 6 games. Every bet comes with 10% 'juice' attached to it if you should lose.....That means $110 gets you back $100.

It sounds like the folks in Vegas aren't very confident with the current squad of Iowa players. After looking at the schedule, I don't blame them. With games against Ohio State, Michigan State, Minnesota and Nebraska, it won't be easy.

My advice is to stay away from betting this. Take the money and put it in your 401K or purchase some Powerball tickets....The jackpot now sits at half a BILLION dollars.

How many games do you think the Hawks will win this season? Comment below and we can discuss. Win or lose, there's nothing better then Iowa Football!

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