It's been a pretty crappy day for your old pal Jaymz Larson.

First off, I worked a grueling, 5.5 hour day at the radio station. There's always so much stress this time of year with the ratings, extra production, new sponsors and the fact I had to work an extra two hours today.

I just wanted to go home, feed the cat and take a long nap. But when I pulled in my driveway, I quickly realized I'd been punked! Here's the picture of what I came home to.....let's just say, I wasn't real happy!

Photo: Larson
Photo: Larson

I was worried about my neighbors, so I quickly dismantled the "sculpture." It's gone now, but the damage is already done. There were no witnesses and I have zero leads on the case.

I can't call the cops, they would just think I'm crazy! That's why I decided to write this blog and let you know this: The "Blue Ball Snow Bandit" is on the loose! Be on the lookout and let's hope for some warm weather in the near future.

Until the snow're ALL at risk.

Be safe, Cedar Rapids!

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