Good news for those of us who live or work in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Park Cedar Rapids, for the moment, is not issuing tickets for meter violations in the downtown area. I spoke with an employee of Park Cedar Rapids, and she told me as of right now, there will be no tickets issued.

There is still clean up going on in the downtown area, and I want to thank Park Cedar Rapids for making this decision. We all appreciate it!

Now I need to tell you, this could all change in the next few days or weeks. But as of right now, you don't have to put money in the meters.

Speaking of the meters, they are still turned on. That means they will still take your coins or credit card. But how often do we get free parking in Cedar Rapids? Let's enjoy this and save our change for something else.

With that said, if you see someone about to pay, let them know there is no enforcement going on. Let's try and "Pay it Forward" so others can enjoy this as well.

I have a lot of parking tickets from forgetting to plug the meter. For me, it's just because I'm lazy. I've been doing better, and I haven't actually gotten a ticket in over 2 months!

Even though I've complained a lot about parking in downtown, I will say that I really like the people that work at Park Cedar Rapids. Those folks have been very fair to me, and I actually get an occasional warning here and there!

So enjoy this break from not having to put money in the meter.

I know I will.

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