Here at 94.1, we get lots of phone calls, e-mails, messages and letters. I love hearing from the folks that listen to our station and we REALLY appreciate the support.

Today, however, I got a message like no other. As you can see in the picture above, a listener urinated the letters K-R-N-A in the snow. While all of us here at the station were honored, it was a little weird.

The message in the e-mail said the following:

"Love your station, I'm listening in my garage right now with my dog Kip. He loves the music just as much as I do!"

The person went on to say, "This could be the last snowfall of the year, I wanted to have a little fun.  I'm on my 7th beer (Natural Light) and I thought you guys might appreciate what I've made for you!"

Courtesy of Curl
Courtesy of Curl

I'm just shocked he was able to get the letters so straight! This dude is obviously an artist and we sure do appreciate the gesture.

Even though it was a little weird, it made me smile.

Thanks random KRNA listener, you made our day.

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