What do the folks listed below have that you and I do not?

  1. Tiffany Koss of Swisher
  2. Clint Smith of Cedar Rapids
  3. Josh Hora of Marion
  4. Heather Zamastil of Cedar Rapids
  5. Steven Foster of Cedar Rapids
  6. Brad Butschi of Cedar Rapids
  7. Mark Norton of Lisbon
  8. Karen LeVelle of Walker
  9. B.J. Rios of West Branch
  10. Austin Wroblewski
  11. Chad Moine of LaPorte City
  12. Rick Robinson of Marion
  13. Sean Ellis of North Liberty
  14. Tom Hamrick of Cedar Falls
  15. Kyle Dop of Brooklyn
  16. Kyle Dop of Brooklyn again...(Kyle REPEATS!)

They are Pros at the Picks! They all have the acumen to correctly pick ‘em better thank the rest of us, thus garnering them the "Official Bragging Rights" as winners in our free weekly Pro Football Pick Em contest. Plus all of our winners received prize packs that included an Emil's Hideaway gift card, movie tickets, a free oil change, and more!

And a double congrats to Kyle Dop for winning two weeks in a row!

This is the final week of our regular season Pick Em, but you need to make your selections NOW.

Trust me, it’s easy to click and submit your entry.

It’s much harder to do it better than the rest of our players…so good luck!