Alright, here's the deal. I didn't have the best picks to start off the football season. I'm not sure what I was thinking....I mean, how could I think the Patriots could beat the Chiefs! I'm an idiot, I admit it. You know who's not an idiot, Danielle from our sister station 98.1 KHAK!

She went 4-0 last week. Danielle didn't lose a single game! Mike was right behind her at 3-1 and I rounded out the group at 1-3. But don't worry, I'll get 'em this week!

Check out the video to see our NFL picks for week #2. Remember, you can play along with us all year for free with our PRO FOOTBALL PICK 'EM. Just visit this link to be a part of the fun!

And congrats to Mike Pulkrab, our PICK 'EM winner of week 1. Mike will enjoy some nice treats from Kathy's Pies and has a shot at the end-of-season $10,000 cash prize!

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