You can get almost anything you can imagine on Craigslist in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City.

  1. Don't believe me? How about a nude male model for hire? He's very comfortable posing nude, and why not? It beats panhandling with your clothes on.
  2. Do you know anybody that needs an exorcism? We're talking a 100% guaranteed Christian Exorcism, performed right here in Cedar Rapids!
  3. How does a casual encounter with a new "friend" sound? It's the kind where "gifts required" is code for "there is a cost for this". YIKES!
  4. You could get married by Shakespeare! Not the original Shakespeare, but who knows, maybe she's a distant relative. The wedding would be interesting to say the least.
  5. Like I said, you can find nearly anything and perhaps anyone on Craigslist in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City.
  6. Like this guy, who says he'll do anything for just $5 an hour. Hmm...scrub dirty toilets? Pick up a yard full of dog poop? Just how far would he go for just $5 an hour?
  7. Maybe he would be interested in this  gig that pays three times that amount. For $15 an hour you can Get Paid for your Honesty. Like Billie Holiday once sang "Nice work if you can get it".
  8. Finally I have no idea what a rag doll cat is but if it's a cat stud service your feline is looking for, we got that too.

[via: Craigslist Cedar Rapids, Iowa City]



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