Have you ever been called out by somebody for something "weird" you do when you eat? If so, join the club!

Mirror recently published an article featuring a very controversial photo from Honest Crust Sourdough Pizza. The restaurant in Manchester, England was disturbed by the fact a customer left behind the entire crust of their pizza, fully intact, and ate the rest of it with a fork and knife.

People were outraged by the photo, and rightfully so, but it inspired us to dive even further into people's strange eating habits. We asked listeners on Facebook to share their strange ones, and they did not disappoint!

There were basically two types of answers; strange eating rituals/routines and strange food combinations. Let's start with the food combinations:

  • Kristin Machacek - "My stepdad eats lime jello with mayonnaise on it."
  • Stephanie Deutmeyer - "My daughter eats spaghetti wrapped up in a tortilla and calls them 'spaghacos.'"
  • Anna Dengler - "Scalloped potatoes and ham MUST be accompanied by blueberry muffins."
  • Danielle Kirkpatrick - "My husband Jacob eats A1 steak sauce on everything, and I mean everything. Potato chips, broccoli, slices of cheese..."
  • Chris Schmitz - "My girlfriend dips buttered popcorn into Sunny D."
  • Amanda Denise - "I put butter and salt on my French toast instead of syrup."
  • Zach Stoffers - "I dip puffy Cheetos in a ketchup and mustard mixture."

Here are some of the weird eating rituals/routines:

  • Cierra Rae - "I can only eat one part of my meal at a time (main part, then each side separately). I can't bounce back and forth between the main part and sides or between sides."
  • Shelby Radig - "I HAVE to eat anything on a hamburger bun upside down. I have tried it with the top bun on top, but it doesn’t taste the same!"
  • Renae Becker - "I only eat with forks. I hate spoons. I can’t remember the last time I ate with a spoon. I eat ice cream with a fork and make my soup thick enough to eat with a fork."
  • Theresa Marie Burmahl - "I can only eat M&Ms or Skittles in 2s, and they must match in color."
  • Alison Engledow - "I use a fork to eat all the toppings off my pizza and then pick up the crust and eat it."
  • Tiffany Vogt - "I take the crust off the Uncrustable. It’s still the edge of the bread, so it’s crust!"
  • Wenonah Radway - "I put ice cubes in my bowl before I pour my cereal so the milk doesn’t get warm."
  • Shelby Holub - "I like my food to be super hot. If it doesn't burn the roof of my mouth then it's not hot enough!"
  • Joy Ellen Smith - "I love to eat waffles FROZEN. Yep. Weird, I know."

Do you have a weird eating habit? Share it with us in the comments below!

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