Happy International Cat Day, cat-lovers!

August 8th is also known as International Cat Day, not to be confused with National Cat Day on October 29th (don't worry, we'll celebrate that one, too!). I absolutely love cats and their sassy yet loving nature, but, unfortunately, I can't have one. I'm incredibly allergic, so I have to adore them from a safe distance.

According to a new survey, only 14% of people say that they're a "cat person." We have quite a few of those here at the radio station! Brain on KHAK recently took in a stray cat that hung around his house quite a bit, and now he's a certified cat dad. Here's his kitty Cora:


And speaking of cat dads, here is KRNA's Jaymz Larson's cat Squeeks:

Jaymz Larson

Bob James on KHAK has kind of a zoo at his home. He had one cat, but recently adopted two more, one of them a kitten! Here are Cole, Chance, and Charlie:

Bob James

In honor of International Cat Day, we asked you, the listener to send us some photos and videos of your cats! Here are some of our favorites:

If you haven't already, be sure to share a picture of your feline friend in the comments!