From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and now back with a solo album, solo tour, sold-out Creed Cruise, and a high-demand Summer of 99 tour, Scott Stapp is once again riding high.

Scott joined us to talk about everything he's doing now, and I had to talk to him about how they helped an MLB team win the World Series.

Scott Stapp Solo Album - Higher Power

Napalm Records Handels GmbH
Napalm Records Handels GmbH

The new album "Higher Power" will be released on March 15.  The current single from the album also named "Higher Power" has reached number 13 on the Active Rock Billboard chart.  This is Scott's highest-charting song as a solo artist.

There are other songs released from the album already which can be heard on Scott's Instagram page.  With one more coming, Scott says people "Will hear a big shift in terms of how textured and layered this album is."

Scott added "March 15th is really going to open the door to where I go musically on the rest of the album.  Sonically, musically, and lyrically telling the story that this album tells from song one to the end because it's a story in order."

I'm a big fan of the art of album making and Scott said he's tried to make all his albums tell a story going back to the first Creed album.

Creed Back and Bigger Than Ever

Photo credit - Chuck Brueckmann
Photo credit - Chuck Brueckmann

Scott has been making chart-topping music since 1997.  And when I asked him about new generations discovering Creed he said the analytics don't lie.

"Starting in 2020, we saw Creed starting to go viral on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok."  Scott added, "When you look at the numbers, it's 3 generations.  And now it's gotten down to High School kids.  And it's such a gift and a blessing."

So how big is Creed again?  Scott says "I learned this from Mark (Tremonti) the other day that he's always in touch with our long-term agent to get analytics and get numbers and Ken (Creed's agent) shared with him that right now we are bigger in terms of sales and how things are moving than we were at our peak in 2001 which blows my mind."

And those sales and the reunion are driving some massive crowds for Creed as they get ready to hit the road this summer including a stop in Iowa at the Jones County Fair.  Scott said that Mark told him "You'll see (how big we are again) when you step out and there's 25,000 people in front of you and I said don't scare me man it's been a long time since I've stepped in front of an audience that big."

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We also had a great talk about the amazing run the Texas Rangers went on to win the World Series and how Creed was there for it in both spirit, and then literally, and what song Scott would walk to the plate to if he was in an MLB game.

You can listen, and/or watch the full interview with Scott and I-Rock 93.5 below.  And check out all of our "I-Rock with Rock Star" podcasts here.



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