Today is Super Bowl Sunday. If you haven't been invited to a house party, it's probably not going to happen. If you don't want to be stuck at home watching it with your cat, here's my Top 5 Bars in Cedar Rapids where you can go and enjoy the BIG GAME! (With a bunch of drunken strangers)

#5 - The Westside Lounge

The Westside Lounge is one of my favorite neighborhood bars in town. It's a third shift bar that starts getting busy around 7 a.m. It's laid back and they love to make a stiff drink for a cheap price. It may be a "dive bar," but it's a clean, safe place to go get your drink on. No food, but they do have some of the best frozen pizza in the Corridor. Pick up cash first, NO cards accepted. And it never fails, there's always some dude named Larry or Chuck at the end of the bar that everyone loves. This is my kind of place!

#4 - The Stadium Lounge

Another one of my favorites. The stadium is known for their great service and excellent food options. The staff is friendly and they have plenty of TV's to check out the game. **Be careful when you order a vodka and cranberry. They have a reputation of a 70/30 pour. (not that I'm complaining) The Stadium has some of the best broasted chicken this side of the Cedar River. I'm also told they have some of the loosest lottery machines in Iowa. Get those tickets, YO!

#3 - Mulligans Pub

Mulligans is a bar I don't get to as much as I should. The problem for me: I live on the SW side and the bar is on the NE side. That's going to change today! Anyway, Mulligans has great pizza and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Speaking of legs, enjoy half price wings during the game today. The girls behind the bar are always smiling and the place gives off a good vibe. Ask Amy for the special of the day, she'll take great care of you. And if she doesn't, just remember that you can enjoy $2 tall boys all game long. Boom!

#2 - Woody's Show Club

FREE COVER TONIGHT! Why not try something different this year? There's not too many things better then beer, babes and football. They won't be serving any food today, but who cares! Woody's is the ultimate "man cave" Super Bowl experience. Owner Brian Bressler told me earlier today, "Stop out and see us, FREE lap dances for everyone if the Vikings win." Woody's is a BYOB joint, so you'll save a few bucks on beer for the day. If the game gets boring, you'll have plenty of distractions to keep you occupied. Dolla Billz, y'all!

#1 - Tailgators

This place is all about booze and sports. No judging, no BS, just a good time. The staff makes some killer drinks and there's always somebody there that you know. I'm going to warn you now, the owner is a HUGE Eagles fan. He will be the one slamming Miller Lite beer and chugging Jagermeister shots. It will be fun to watch his face when Tom Brady and the Patz destroy the backup quarterback and the rest the Philadelphia Eagles. Tailgators will serve up $2 tall boys and $3 wells ALL game long. If you get hungry, grab a bag of chips off the wall, or ask the barkeep to make you a pizza.

Enjoy the game!

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