UPDATE: Unfortunately, the search for 17-year-old Logan Blake in Cedar Rapids has come to a tragic end.  The Cedar Rapids Police Department reports that Logan's body was recovered in Cedar Lake just before 4 o'clock this afternoon. He was found approximately 75 yards from shore and about 30 yards from the island, in about three feet of water.  Here's the press conference from our partner, KGAN CBS2:

The teenager was swept into a storm sewer drain near Arthur Elementary School around 7:21 last evening.

(The remainder of the story is from earlier this afternoon)

Teams of rescuers and volunteers are conducting a land search.   Two teams are searching around Cedar Lake, and another team is searching the area between Arthur Elementary School and Cedar Lake.  The Urban Search and Rescue team is opening manholes between the school and Cedar Lake, and lowering a trained rescuer inside the manhole to search the drain pipe.  There is also a canine search team working around Cedar Lake.  The Fire Department has a boat deployed on Cedar Lake using sonar equipment to attempt to locate the victim.  Firefighters have reported depths of up to 11 feet in portions of the lake.   There is also a group of divers that are searching Cedar Lake.

Another teenager went into the storm sewer drain last night in an attempt to rescue Blake.  His name is David Bliss, age 17.  Bliss apparently went through the storm sewer system approximately one and one-half miles from the point of entry to an exit point of the drain pipe that deposited into Cedar Lake.  He then walked to St. Luke’s Hospital, which is only a few blocks away, for medical assistance.  The third teenager involved, who flagged down a passing motorist to call 911, has been identified as Jacob Spurrell, age 16.

We continue to pray for everyone involved, including those conducting the search.