Just as the city was trying to get back to normal after last night's torrential downpour, which caused flooding and damage, mother nature throws a second round at us, with even more severe consequences. Here's what we know so far.

There's numerous reports of non-working traffic lights across the area. VERY IMPORTANT: Always stop at the light before proceeding. It might just save your life. Lots of accidents are being reported as people are not driving defensively.

We've been scanning Twitter, and we've learned of water damage from last night impacting many residents and area businesses, which includes flooding at Jefferson High School, who was hit hard by the last storms. This time around, there was flooding in the weight room and the theater, which saw water up to the second row. While assessment continues, it appears many set pieces, costumes, and uniforms have been seriously impacted, if not destroyed.

Theatre Cedar Rapids has also has reported water, however they've assured the public they are doing just fine.

Reports also came in that as grounds crews attempted to cover the field at the Kernels game, the tarp came loose, and multiple injuries to the crew occurred. Here's video:

Also, in Fairfax, it's being reported that a man has died as a result of a building collapse.

A listener called into KHAK to report Toddville is seeing the worst storm damage it has ever seen.

Around 3 p.m., Alliant reported there were around 32,000 without power in Linn County.
Alliant issued an update around 7:45 p.m. Currently, there are about 40,000 people without power in Linn County. They have to wait until the storm passes in order to asses the damage and send crews out, so it could take anywhere from 24-48 hours to restore power to residents.

In Coralville, the Army Corps has announced they'll greatly increase the outflow on the Iowa River at the dam.

As more storms are on the way, and more rain is expected, we expect to see even more flooding across the area.  There's already concerns as the Cedar River rose almost 3 feet last night.  City staff is currently working throughout the city to clear roads of debris, barricade street failures, respond to sanitary sewer calls, clear storm inlets, and respond to the damages associated with today’s storm.  Stay off the roads and out of their way, and keep sending those photos in to us.