As a result of the storms this afternoon, there's many downed power lines being reported, which are causing road closures across the area.  See the latest list here.

  • 11th Street SW between 3rd Avenue and 8th Avenue CLOSED
  • J Street SW at 33rd Avenue SW is closed to one lane of traffic
  • Memorial Drive SE & Spruce Ave SE CLOSED
The city reminds you of important tips regarding downed power lines:
If you see a downed power line, move away from it and anything touching it. The ground around power lines – up to 35 feet away - may be energized.  Assume that all downed power lines are live.   You cannot tell whether or not a power line is energized just by looking at it. 

Do not attempt to move a downed power line or anything else in contact with it by using an object such as a broom or stick. Even non-conductive materials like wood or cloth, can conduct electricity if even slightly wet.   Be careful not to touch or step in water near where a downed power line is located.

Do not drive over downed power lines.  If your car comes in contact with a downed power line while you are inside, stay in the car.  Use your cell phone to call for help. The vehicle can become energized; you are safer remaining inside until help arrives.

As previously reported, here's a list of other closures due to debris/pavement failures:

  • Fox Meadow Drive SE from East Post Road SE to Sunland Drive SE is closed to thru traffic due to mud.
  • Meadowbrook Drive SE from Forest Drive SE to Washington Ave SE is closed due to pavement failures.
  • A Avenue NE between 15th Street NE and 16th Street NE closed due to flash flooding.
  • J Street SW @ Prairie Creek is closed due to creek flooding.
  • Ellis Road between Edgewood Road NW and F Avenue NW is closed due to flash flooding.

Residents are reminded to heed all road detours and barricades and to avoid driving through standing water.

Other Current Closures:

  • Cherokee Trail is closed until further notice.
  • Apache Park ball diamond closed
  • Jacolyn Park parking lot is inaccessible to low-profile cars
  • Cedar Lake trail at the south end was flooded and is currently covered in mud.
  • Jacolyn splash pad’s controller has suffered water damage and will be closed until repairs can be made.
  • Bever Park’s Old MacDonald’s Farm is closed until Wednesday for storm clean up.
  • Manhattan Pavilion in Ellis Park is closed until further notice. No reservations until further notice.
  • Valley View Pavilion in Seminole Valley Park is closed until further notice. No reservations until further notice.

Park areas and playgrounds with portions closed due to wash out, debris and missing woodchips on playgrounds:

  • Nixon Park ball diamond
  • Daniels Park playground
  • Shawnee Park playground
  • Jacolyn Park playground
  • Time Check playground
  • Fox Trail playground
  • Redmond Park

Trails with wash-outs/portions closed due to gravel washed out causing holes:

  • Cherokee Park trail
  • Nixon Park trail
  • Van Buren Park trail
  • Jackson Park trail
  • Cherry Hill Park trail
  • Noelridge gravel trail near pool
  • Sac and Fox Trail

As more storms are forecasted, be sure to check back, as flooding may possibly be shutting down more roads.