The man who seemed ageless and forever young is gone. The music world weeps for Prince. He died today at his home in Paisley Park, where it all began for one of the most amazing musicians of all time. Rolling Stone ranked him #27 all time. I'd put him in the top 10. A few days ago he felt ill after an Atlanta show and had to make an emergency landing in Moline. Little did we know just how serious this medical issue was.

One of my favorite Prince memories was his music wafting through the halls of our high school football locker room. We were all a bunch of teenage metal heads, but this was one pop artist that could jack you up for a game. I never had the pleasure of seeing the man and his guitar on a live stage. The stage is heavenly now for an all time great. As I track though his songs and covers of his music this afternoon on KRNA, I'm in awe of the man's influence on other artists and his contribution to the American Song Book.