It's not everyday a local band sells 1,700 tickets to a concert in Cedar Rapids.

But it happened over the weekend for the Pork Tornadoes. The band headlined the Paramount Theatre and sold out every seat in the house. These guys have gotten huge and the it looks like best is yet to come.

Who would have thought a "local act" could be this popular. There are national acts that can't sell out the Paramount and the Pork T's did it with ease. Drummer Mike Shulte told me, "Our fans our the best. They continue to support this band and we love them for that."

I was able to hang out with the band after the show at their official aftershow party. It was all smiles and shots as the boys celebrated a huge night.

Congratulations to the Pork Tornadoes! I just hope they remember us when they're rich and famous.

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