In my younger days, I used to have a problem with speed. I got numerous tickets. So many in fact that I had to go to traffic school! My insurance payment used to be higher than my car payment. I learned an expensive lesson. But I never got a ticket for going as fast as some Iowans are driving!

The Iowa State Patrol says that the number of speeding tickets that they've issued over the past few years has doubled. Back in 2013, they issued 342 tickets. In 2018 they wrote 729! So far this year, troopers have written 411 speeding citations. And get this. An astounding 333 of those were for driving OVER 100 miles per hour!

State Trooper John Stickney says that drivers can face a fine of over $300 and potentially lose their license for driving that fast. He says that the overall goal is to get people to change their driving habits. That means sharing pictures of offenders on social media too. This week, the state patrol shared a photo of a driver pulled over near Manchester for speeding at 107 miles per hour. Stickney says drivers need to know there are consequences for their actions.


[via KCRG]

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