I know what you're thinking. "That's a really weird headline. Did they type that right?" Yes, yes I did. Out of all the weird surveys and studies that enter my mailbox, this has to be towards the top.

A new study has revealed that the Iowa State Patrol uniforms aren't getting the ladies going. For our brave female Iowa State Troopers, the uniforms aren't doing it for the fellas either. No, it's not their fault and we can't thank them enough for their service.

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What we can suggest to the elected officials in Des Moines is to create a budget line for a professional designer to make the uniform more appealing. That's right, Iowa State Patrol's uniforms aren't sexy. As a matter of fact, they're amongst the least sexiest in the U.S.

Iowa State Patrol Uniforms One Of The Least Sexiest

If you've ever been pulled over by the wonderful officers of the Iowa State Patrol (yeah, I'm kissing butt, so what?), your heart probably starts racing. Maybe you get a little sweaty and your breathing starts to get quick.

Iowa Department of Public Safety
Iowa Department of Public Safety

No, it's not the officer's uniform revving your engine, ladies, it's just nerves because you broke the law. You're probably thinking to yourself that it wouldn't be the worst though to see some hunky Iowa State Patrol officer walking up to your car. It sure would make getting a ticket for going 95mph on I-80 a lot better.

How do we know the Iowa State Patrol has some ugly uniforms? The people at Wealth of Geeks decided to rank all 50 state police uniforms and Iowa landed pretty low on the list.

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At #38, the #38 Iowa State Patrol uniform was voted among the least sexy in America. With its indistinct dark brown and tan colors, it conveys tradition and professionalism, but it falls short when it comes to style. The fabric lacks sharpness, and the campaign hat, while regal to some, is unlikely to turn heads while on patrol, and looks a little outdated, according to the study.

Texas ranked as the sexiest with North Dakota being declared the ugliest. Illinois made it into the top 20.

Maybe it's time Iowa gets rid of the dark brown color?

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