Mollie Tibbetts has been missing for nearly a month now. All of us here in Eastern Iowa are praying and hoping this will all come to an end very soon. There was a press conference yesterday in Montezuma but we didn't learn much. The FBI has been pretty tight-lipped about this case since day one.

We did learn there is a new website to assist in the search. It's a way for people to report information and clues in a confidential manner. You can visit the page by clicking this link.

I've covered this story for the last 14 days in Brooklyn. It's frustrating that there is nothing we can do. It's also frustrating that local law enforcement has reported nothing. We all just want her and with her family.

Once again, if you want to visit the page just click on this link. And please keep Mollie and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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