He confessed to the cops, then led them to her dead body... but today in court he plead "not guilty" to killing Mollie Tibbetts. What a POS.

What you're about to read is the fuming opinion of mine. Agree with me or not, argue my logic or lack of it, I don't care. But I think this punk should take a goddamn needle in his arm.

His lack of remorse and his inability to take responsibility for his actions (whether he remembers them or not) has literally changed my mind about the Death Penalty.

I say bring it back, Iowa.

Bring back the death penalty and insure that this POS is the last one in Iowa to get away with first degree cold-blooded murder.

My only hope now is that cops and courts have done such a tight buttoned-up job of investigating this case that there is no way he can get off on some stupid technicality or small insignificant oversight.

Innocent before proven guilty? Of course. Right to fair trial? Yes, along with all the other legal protections and guarantees we practice and value in the USA. Move the venue, I don't care.

But when the facts are presented, when the verdict is given and after all that time we can finally say that the family "has closure", this POS will have cost our society tens of thousands of dollars - costs that will continue for the rest of natural, 3-meals-a-day life behind bars.

I'm sorry if I've upset those who oppose the death penalty with this rant, (I used to be one of you) but this POS and many others who harm innocents have finally changed my mind.

I say bring it back.

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