In recreational marijuana news, the world's largest dispensary is finally bringing its weed talents to Illinois.

The Legal Recreational Marijuana Business Is Growing In Illinois

It's kind of strange to look back at the time when cannabis was made legal in Illinois. Doesn't it seem so long ago now? The industry has been very successful and generating millions of dollars for the state.

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After the law was passed, it was a whirlwind for it to get off the ground in Illinois. Honestly, the state wasn't quite prepared. There weren't enough dispensaries opened so the supply could not meet the demand. Finally, more weed stores are opening.

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The World's Largest Dispensary

Vegas is nicknamed Sin City for a reason. Just about everything is legal there including weed. Of course, all the businesses go all in. It's the home of the world's largest dispensary. The name is Planet 13. I've been told it's quite the sight to behold. The pot store even pays taxi drivers to take tourists there.

World's Largest Dispensary Opens Illinois Location
World's Largest Dispensary Opens Illinois Location

World's Largest Dispensary Opens Location In Illinois

With all the new dispensaries opening in Illinois, Planet 13 is coming to our state. The world's largest dispensary has brought its weed talents to Waukegan. The grand opening was earlier this week. The competition is getting tough here.

According to,

According to Planet 13, it operates the "world's largest marijuana dispensary" in Las Vegas, as well as the largest dispensary in California.


We’ve built a reputation as a differentiated, experience-based retailer and we’re excited to finally showcase that famous Planet 13 experience for customers in Illinois.


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