Besides working here at Townsquare Media, I'm also a part-time videographer and producer for NBC News. When they need a crew in Eastern Iowa, they call me. This was the case on a cold day here in Iowa, just a few weeks ago.

I was assigned to film the repair of the Field of Dreams baseball diamond. If you remember, a man drove through the field in January and tore up the sod and destroyed the sprinkler system.

It was really cool to see the community pull together and help out the owners of the iconic Field of Dreams field. I'm usually covering things like weather or politics for NBC....this was a nice change.

It took the gang back at 30 Rock the about two weeks to edit the piece. It finally aired last night on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. I've included the clip at the bottom of this story.

If you've never been to the Field of Dreams, I recommend you get in your car this summer and check it out!

But just remember, it's not's Iowa.



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