While the next MLB Field of Dreams game won't be taking place in Iowa next year it will be back in a different historic ballpark in 2024.

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For the past two summers, people have been flocking to Dyersville for the Field of Dreams MLB game. The baseball field was set up not too far from the original movie site.

It started out in the summer of 2021 with the New York Yankees playing against the Chicago White Sox.

Both of these teams were strategically picked for this game. Not only were both the Yankees and the White Sox teams that were featured in the movie. The Chicago team were actually originally from Iowa. They went by the Sioux City Cornhuskers back in the late 1800s.


It was one of the most watched games of that MLB season.

Then in 2022, major league baseball returned with the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinatti Reds going toe to toe in Dyersville.

It was announced last year that there would be no Field of Dreams game in 2023. This is due to the construction projects that are taking place around the movie site.

The plans are for this humble baseball field to be transformed. Reports say that the team behind the expansion of the beloved film site, 'Go The Distance' are expanding the location by 110 acres.

This includes the development of youth baseball and softball fields, team dormitories, a hotel, concert venue, and a park right in Dyersville by the movie site.

MLB at Field of Dreams - Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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We received some important information about the status of the 2024 game. Next year's Field of Dreams will not be in Iowa after all.

Officials confirmed much of the same information that was floating around by the California publication earlier this summer. Here's everything we know about the 2024 game.

1. St. Louis Cardinals Will Be Playing

First off, another Midwest team will be playing (no surprise there). The San Fransisco Giants will be playing the St. Louis Cardinals for this highly televised game next year. There is no word on WHEN the game will be played just yet, but if it follows in line with the previous FOD outings, then it should be taking place sometime in August.

2. It Won't Actually Be Played In Iowa

A disappointment for fans who have gotten used to this HUGE MLB event in the Hawkeye State. This news is unsurprising due to the construction that is currently taking place in Dyersville.

There is no word on when it will return to Iowa.

3. It's Taking Place At Another Historic Ballfield

This report also claims that the new spot that this game will be played at is in Birmingham, Alabama. Rickwood Field in Birmingham is one of the oldest professional ballparks in America and it sounds like it will be the site of next year's FOD game, according to CBS Sports.

"This opportunity to pay tribute to the Negro Leagues as the Giants and Cardinals play a regular season game at this iconic location is a great honor. The legacy of the Negro Leagues and its greatest living player, Willie Mays, is one of excellence and perseverance," said Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred Jr.

Opening in 1910, the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro Leagues played at this ballpark. This just so happened to be THE Willie Mays' team for two years.

4. The Date

This game will be a bit earlier than previous Field of Dreams games played before. Instead of an August matchup, the game will take place on June 20th, 2024.

Baseball legend Willie Mays even commented about this exciting game.

"I never thought I'd see in my lifetime a Major League Baseball game being played on the very field where I played baseball as a teenager."

So are we all in agreement that he's going to be throwing out the first pitch?

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin shared his thought on the event being made official on his Facebook page.

"America's oldest professional ballpark still echoes with the sounds of the legends who graced this field."


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