There are those who believe Edinburgh Manor in Scotch Grove is the most haunted place in Iowa.

According to its website, the location was originally the site of the Jones “County Poor Farm” where disabled tenants were given food and shelter in exchange for their labor. They would farm agriculture and livestock. During this original time of its operation from 1850-1910, the institution documented over 82 deaths, and some say those bodies were buried somewhere on the property.

The “Poor Farm” was demolished in 1910 and replaced by the stately Edinburgh Manor, with construction completed in 1911.  It was essentially an asylum for the weak, poor, and disabled. Many tenants were deemed “insane” and over the decades there were even suspected cases of abuse.

The facility, known simply as the “Manor” remained open until November 2010. At the time of its closing, patients and the last of the employees simply left the building, leaving medical documents and personal belongings behind.  Many of those items still remain at the facilities.

In the summer of 2012, the Manor was re-opened to paranormal investigations. Since then, it has become a hot spot for those interested in its creepy history and its psychic draw.

Visitors can book overnight stays and are allowed to conduct their own investigations.

Edinburgh Manor is located at 13241 E23 County Home Rd, Scotch Grove, IA 52310.

[source: Edinburgh Manor, Instagram]

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