Nothing scares the hell out of Iowans like haunted barns, creepy corn mazes, terror houses, funeral parlors, and abandoned Insane Asylums.

And it's that time of year again, so here are some of the area's scariest haunts in Eastern Iowa.

Beware! You may need to bring along the defibrillators and a pair of adult diapers, because you'll likely crap your pants...if you don't have a heart attack first!

Panic Park in Cedar Falls - You know its a freaky place...when you see the evil bloody snowman!

Panic Park/Facebook

The Heart of Darkness in Waterloo - We have never seen such a wicked cast of characters...well, maybe in Washington DC

Heart of Darkness Waterloo/Facebook

Scream Acres in Cedar Falls - this place is so scary, it even freaks out the children of the corn!  

Scream Acres/ Facebook

Thrashers House of Terrors in Mt. Pleasant - with 13 lucky years under their noose, you could call this bloody place a howling success!  

Thrashers House of Terrors/Facebook

Eldora Haunted Hospital in Eldora - The blood-splattered walls are a nice touch, and they run right down the spine of your back.

Eldora Haunted Hospital/Facebook

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