Don't ask me why, but we decided to do a little ghost hunting last night. We loaded up the KRNA Nitro and took a trip to the abandoned Edinburgh Manor. The history of the manor dates back to the 1850's. You can learn more about this haunted location by visiting this link.

My crew consisted of Producer Mike and KRNA sidekick Jake Brummer. Jake has a love for this kind of thing....that's why we were all so surprised when he screamed like a little girl halfway through the tour!

He wasn't the only one a little nervous while walking around the haunted manor. At one point it felt like someone or something was trying to lift up the back of my baseball cap. No joke, I instantly felt a cold breeze and a sensation that went from my head to my toes.

I promise you, I'm not a whacko! This really happened and it was very weird. I'm not sure what or who it was...but they really wanted to say hello!

If you ever get the chance, stop by the Edinburgh Manor. It's an experience you will NEVER forget.

Photo: Jz
Jaymz Larson


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