I'm serious this time....I'm moving to Florida!

According to CBS2, "A Winter Storm Watch is in effect Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon. Snow amounts of 4-8 inches are possible. So I ask you this: When is this going to end?!

I can't remember a year that has been worse then this one in a very long time. It seems like it just won't stop snowing, and who can forget about he sub zero temps we had just a week ago!

It looks like the snow will move in on Monday around 3 p.m. The storm will have a major impact on travel, and I'm guessing we will be seeing some cancellations. I'm going broke paying my guy to plow the snow off my driveway every week!

The good news is we have only 38 days until spring. But I'm not sure that will mean anything this year. We may have snow until July.

This sucks...but it's Iowa.

[Source: CBS2]

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