Today is May 28, which is National "Work From Home" Day! A lot more of us are doing it out of choice or necessity these days, and the reason why is probably obvious. Hopefully, whether you're working at home or at the office, all is well and safe with you. National Today laid out some stats about working from home, that also explain why I always tell you to act on your best behavior and treat it like business as usual if you're given the chance or the requirement to work remotely.

As far as video conference calls, there's been the technology out there for it for years. It's called Skype. But just in time for the pandemic, some even better options came about, in Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The survey asked people about the most embarrassing things that have happened while they were on a work-related video conference, and here are the Top 5

  • Something your kids did that embarrassed you.
  • Being embarrassed by your significant other during a call.
  • Re-wearing the same dirty clothes on back-to-back days.
  •  Audibly passing gas
  •  Accidental nudity

I'll never get why people don't dress for success (or in some cases, get dressed at all) for working at home. It's easy for me to say because a t-shirt and jeans are acceptable work attire for us at the office too. But even that's a far cry from the pajamas, yoga pants (shoutout to those who wear the above to the actual office), or nothing more than their unmentionables folks seem to think they can run around in while working remotely. Come on.

Meanwhile, 53 percent of those surveyed say they would love to work at home all the time. 37 percent said they'd at least do it some or most of the time if they could. 11 percent, for some reason, hate it and wouldn't want to do it all.

What say you? Are you working from home, and do you enjoy it? Are you more productive or less? Let us know in the comments.

Special thanks to all those who can't work from home right now, and even more to those who barely even get to GO home, because you're doing essential work to keep us safe and protected. You're loved and appreciated more than you know.

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