Drivers beware! Deer season has arrived in Iowa. October and November are the months when deer seem to be most active between dusk and dawn. It's mating season and those frisky critters are darting out everywhere.

Earlier this week, local pop artist Alisabeth Von Presley had a close encounter with a deer. Luckily, AVP was physically unharmed. The deer ran off after darting out in front of her car and striking the vehicle, but her cute little VW was not so lucky. Ouch!

Alisabeth will be hosting a special Halloween presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show this Friday October 27 at New Bo, and is also scheduled to appear Saturday night October 28 with the Pork Tornadoes at the Halloween Ball. She will be our guest on the KRNA Morning Show with Jamyz Larson later this week and will give us a full story of her harrowing encounter with Bambi.

And don't think you might avoid deer-car collisions because you don't drive much on rural roads. Many times Bambi and friends can be found within city limits, inside residential areas of Cedar Rapids near wooded places including Bever Park.

photo: M. Ferris
Deer in Cedar Rapids city limit, near Bever Park. Photo: M. Ferris

Click here for a few simple tips from Geico Insurance that you can use to avoid a deer car collision this autumn.

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