Photo: Tim King
Photo: Tim King

Every Friday on The KRNA Morning Show, we bring in a 'local celebrity' to help us make our NFL and college football weeks. Mike and I need as much help as we can get! This week should be fun, we've invited Alisabeth Von Presley!

Alisabeth is local music and dance performer that has been entertaining crowds here in Eastern Iowa for years. She's described in her biography as "A rocker raised on a well balanced diet of Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, and a plateful of glitter."

'AVP' will join us at 8:15 and we will make our selections on 4 big games coming up this weekend. We know she can sing and dance, let's find out what she knows about football! She can't do any worse then Mike....he went 9-37 last season.

We will also take your calls if you have a question for Alisabeth. Just give us a ring at 365-1111 in the 8 o'clock hour.

Join us this Friday for another episode of The KRNA Morning Show!

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