Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett joined Jaymz Larson and Mike Ferris on the 94.1 KRNA morning show today.

We covered a wide range of topics during our 30 minutes with the mayor, including the proposed downtown casino, those pesky traffic cameras, the city’s efforts in 2016 flood, and perhaps most revealing of all: the mayor's comments hinting that he is considering a run for the governorship of Iowa in 2018. Click the video and hear for yourself how the mayor answers the big question.

Of course we had some fun and laughs with the mayor as well. In fact, he arrived five minutes late because he was held up by one of the famous downtown Cedar Rapids trains. And we didn't let that go unnoticed, having a few laughs at the mayor's predicament.

But he was a really good sport, and even participated in a rousing performance of "Brown Eyed Girl" in our latest episode of KRNA "Dashboard Karaoke". In fact, he really nailed it!

But the most intriguing comment that Mayor Ron Corbett made this morning was that he needs to first decide if he will run for re-election of Mayor for Cedar Rapids before he can announce whether he is considering a run for governor of Iowa in 2018.

Considering the great work he has done here in Cedar Rapids, especially during the 2016 flood, we can certainly appreciate why his friends and fans would be excited to hear of this possibility.

If it comes to be, just remember - you heard it here on 94.1 KRNA!

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