There’s something else going on out there during this coronavirus crisis.

Something unexpected. Perhaps you've noticed it too. I’m watching people taking walks in the neighborhood, greeting others with a wave and a smile and a friendly hello. Families are taking bike rides together, kids and parents in helmets peddling, laughing and joking with each other. Sharing a moment of serenity during times of uncertainty.

I've seen neighbors pitching in and helping out one another, and volunteers distributing food to those in need. Employers working with their staff’s and workers to help avoid layoffs. Others working overtime and double shifts, doing essential work with barely enough down time to rest and rejuvenate.

It all adds up to the very essence of what makes America great. Coming together in times of peril to help others.

It’s hard to imagine anything “good“ coming out of this crazy crisis. But it’s easier when you look around and see how much we truly care for one another.

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