If faced with this simple question: would you shave some years off your life to keep drinking? How would you answer? And, how many years, assuming you said "yes", would you shed? This hypothetical was given to a group of Iowans as part of a study and, the answer surprised me.

Gimme the hooch!

The study "Life vs. Liquor", done by Alcohol.org, found that the average Iowan would happily or, willingly at least, give up 3 years of his or her life to stay on the sauce. Now since the study asked residents in all 50 states, you might be wondering how that compares. The answer is, it's about average.

Idahoans, Nevadans, and South Carolina... um, Carolinians said they'd give up 5 years to keep drinking. That was the most in the study. Minnesota and a handful of others said 4 years, while only one state, Oklahoma gave an answer one 1 year.

There's a lot we'd be willing to give up

The study found that one-third of Iowans would give up caffeine for life if they can continue drinking alcohol. I want you to think about that one for a moment...caffeine. Coffee. Precious! TOO precious. For me anyway. Also, 30% of us admit we ignore studies warning about alcohol health risks. Also, the average beer drinker thinks that craft beer is healthier. That's really not true, but it's at least a perception.

Scotch whisky with ice cubes in old fashion glass and vintage wooden barrel

There is no doubt alcohol can enhance a good time. It can relax and it can be a part of a fun evening, gathering, concert, or sporting event. What the study aimed to do is educate. Alcohol, when abused is very dangerous. There are programs aimed to aid those dealing with alcohol abuse and information can be found here.

Stay safe!

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