People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons! Sometimes it's sentimental, sometimes it's for the sake of art, and sometimes it's just for fun!

This week, my brother shared a Facebook post that went viral earlier this month. It was posted by a man named Shane Balson. The post features an image of DoodleBob, an infamous character from the hit Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants, accompanied by a famous DoodleBob quote, "Me Hoy Minoy." The caption read:

"1k comments and I’ll get this tatted on me."

The last time I checked, the post had nearly 7,000 comments!

Like over 50,000 other Facebook users, my brother saw the post and decided to share it. But, his minimum comment requirement was much lower. He said that he would get the same tattoo for only 150 comments. I think a lot of his Facebook friends saw the post and thought he was joking, but I know my brother better than that. As soon as he got the right amount of comments (many of them from himself), he went out and got the tattoo. He even sent me a photo for proof:


My mom thinks the whole thing is really stupid, but I think it's hilarious. My brother and I grew up watching SpongeBob together and it was our favorite show for a really long time. He would've gotten the tattoo whether he got the right amount of comments or not.

My most recent tattoo is from 2018 and is of my home state of Michigan. I got it in my hometown while visiting my family. I plan to have it filled in with some cool stuff later.


Now it's your turn to show off your tattoos! Do you have a favorite? Post it for us in the comments! Here are some of the ones submitted by listeners on Facebook:

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