Time to back it down, drivers. The Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that Cedar Rapids traffic cameras are not an invasion of privacy and do not deny a citizen due process of law.

With the Supreme Court ruling, you can bet those cameras will begin issuing tickets once again, but just how soon that will happen has not yet been determined.

It can't happen soon enough for Cedar Rapids Police, who say the cameras resulted in fewer accidents when they were issuing tickets.

According to CBS2 News, Police Chief Wayne Jerman said the data proves it. "There were 62 percent less crashes involving injuries when the cameras enforced the speed limit. We have seen since they've been turned off that collisions are beginning to creep upwards" 

Speeding drivers have been tracked by radar guns and traffic cameras on I-380 in the city limits with ticket fines generating big bucks for the city.

The City Cedar Rapids has left the cameras clicking all this time but has not been issuing new fines since August 2017.

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