There are so many different varieties of spirits on liquor shelved. So many options. Do you like whiskey like I do? There are a bunch of options for you. Enjoy vodka? There are a thousand and one varieties. Rum, tequila, gin... same, same, and same.

I went on a trip recently to Minnesota where I had a type of whisky I'd never had, though I had heard of. It's called 1792 and it was very good. I Googled it, found out it's not particularly rare... or expensive. So I thought to myself, well okay. I'll grab some when I get home.

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Upon returning home, I went to Happy's, my neighborhood liquor store, and asked if they had, or even carried 1792. I thought I'd seen it there before, and I was right. However, they hadn't had it in a long time. Why? Supply chain and demand - or rarity in general.

I came up with this list of ten based on in part research, and chatting with the crew at both Happy's, and a couple of other area liquor stores. In the case of one or two on the list, you'll be hard-pressed to find 'em now, but you could locate a bottle if you're diligent, or ask for your favorite store to call you when it comes in. Oh, and for what it's worth, I am yet to find a store in eastern Iowa that has 1792 in stock! I found several in Minnesota, and even at most Target's in Chicago. Road trip, anyone? Hm? No...?

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