Drive defensively to combat "drugged driving." Iowa police officers will be on the lookout this upcoming weekend for drivers under the influence of drugs due to the fact that Saturday is 4/20. 420 is a reference to marijuana.

Fatal motor vehicle crashes are 12% higher on April 20th between 4:20 in the afternoon and midnight than any other day in the same time frame. Also, drivers under the age of 21 had risks go up of a fatal car crash on April 20th 38%. Iowa State Patrol said that 45% of deadly car crashes in 2018 involved either drugs or alcohol.

Unlike drinking and driving, drugged driving can't be determined by a breathalyzer. Instead officers use a DRE or drug recognition experts that determine if a driver is under the influence of drugs or not.

So be careful this weekend because you may know what state you are in behind the wheel. But you'll never know the state of someone else driving on the road.

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