It's strange how this accident happened right before Halloween because it definitely is a creepy story.

The Drivers On The Roads In Illinois Have Gotten Crazy

Is it just me or does it seem like the drivers in Illinois have gotten much crazier when they hit the street? Nobody follows the "Rules of the Road" anymore. I don't even think they could pass the test. I'm fearful when situations like a funeral procession come up because people on the road aren't paying attention or giving respect to the moment.

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Hit-And-Run Accidents Are A Problem In Illinois

I've been reading more and more about hit-and-run accidents happening in Illinois. I can't believe a driver would hit another vehicle, person, or something and then just take off. Especially, because you can get into so much more trouble by doing it.

Funeral with coffin in hearse
Casket Thrown For Hearse During Accident In Illinois

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Illinois Hit-And-Run Accident Involving Hearse

Last Friday morning, a dangerous driver was flying through the busy streets of Homewood, which is a south suburb of Chicago, in his Kia. Around the area of Kedzie Avenue and 183rd Street, the vehicle ran a stop light and crashed into a hearse that was waiting at the intersection.

There was an occupied casket in the hearse that was thrown from the vehicle after being struck by the other car. That's how fast it was going. It ended up in the middle of the road. There were three suspects in the Kia that took off running right after the accident. So far, police have been able to track one down and still looking for the others.

According to,

A casket with a body inside was thrown from a hearse in a hit-and-run crash Friday morning in south suburban Homewood.


A casket containing a body was thrown from the hearse during the crash.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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