We've been talking ALOT lately about the Paul McCartney show coming to the Quad Cities next moth. The discussion has been centered around the cost of the tickets. It sucks paying an arm and a leg to see our favorite artist....but we all do it.

I paid $250 to see GNR a few years ago. My friend once paid almost $300 for good seats to a Metallica show a few years ago in Minneapolis. It's WAY to much be spending on tickets but we all do it!

So here's my question: What's the most you would pay to see your favorite band? For me, that magic number is about $500 dollars. I'm not paying anymore that that...and they have to be good seats, too!

Comment below on what would be your MAX budget for one concert ticket to see your favorite band or artist. I plan to discuss your answers this week on The KRNA Morning Show!

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