The Iowa Hawkeyes defeated Illinois 28-0 at Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoon. I decided not to make the drive to Champagne, instead I watched it on television...with my cat.

It was a very boring game, the first half was hard to watch. Iowa didn't pick up a first down until a minute left in the first period. I fell asleep at one point. My cat made sure I didn't sleep through the entire game. He tipped over my beer and it spilled all over my pants. That cat is very close to going back to the pound.

The wind was a huge factor for both teams. It was also very cold on Saturday afternoon. A few of my friends made the four hour trip to Champagne, they left at the end of the third quarter. But it was warm at my house, so I had perfect viewing conditions (besides the cat acting like an idiot during the entire game).

I'm glad Iowa won it's seventh game of the year. I was worried this could be one of those "let down" games. But it wasn't. The Hawks started slow, but got things going and routed Illinois 28-0.

Next week it's the annual "Black Friday" game against Nebraska. This will be a tough football game. But that's what they said about Michigan. I plan to attend the game on Friday, the cat will stay home. GO HAWKS!

Photo by Jaymz