You probably wouldn't want to visit one of these places at night!

Cemeteries are usually peaceful places, but that doesn't mean they can't be a little creepy sometimes. There are all sorts of legends surrounding different cemeteries all over the United States, and Iowa is no exception. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, check out this list of Iowa cemeteries that have been deemed "haunted," according to Only in Your State:

  • Oakland Cemetery - Iowa City
    • There are two black angel statues in Iowa, and one of them stands eight and a half feet tall as a burial monument for the Feldevert family in Oakland Cemetery. There are a lot of rumors about this statue that was erected in 1912, mainly because the statue was originally a bronze color, but over time became black. Some say it was struck by lightning on the night of Teresa Feldevert's funeral, some say it turned back because Teresa was evil, others say it was because of her infidelity, and some people say it's because maybe she murdered her son. The website Prairie Ghosts writes: "One legend created another and a variety of stories sprang up, stating that any girl who was kissed at the angel’s feet in the moonlight would die with six months. Others said that touching the angel on Halloween night would lead to death in seven years and, worse yet, kissing the angel itself would cause a person’s heart to stop beating."
  • Fairview Cemetery - Council Bluffs
    • Speaking of black angels, the second one in Iowa is located at Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs. Fairview is actually one of the oldest graveyards in the region, originally beginning as a Native American burial ground. The black angel rests at the Ruth Ann Dodge Memorial, a memorial for the wife of Civil War veteran General Grenville M. Doge. The angel was modeled after visions that Ruth Ann had before she died. According to her daughters, she had three visits from this angel, and after the third one she died.
  • Shellsburg Cemetery - Shellsburg
    • There's another angel statue at Shellsburg Cemetery in Shellsburg Iowa, but this one is called the weeping angel. According to the Super Natural Society of Iowa website, "Just outside of Shellsburg, there is a statue of an angel marking the grave of 2 young children that died in the late 1940's. It is said that if you walk up to her at night, she will softly start crying and tears will run down her face and fall to the ground."
  • The Cemetery at Edinburgh Manor - Monticello
    • Edinburgh Manor is one of the most haunted places in Iowa, so it makes sense that the cemetery outside of it is haunted, as well.  It used to be a home for the "poor, incurably insane and disabled," and many of them are now buried outside. The manor itself has been featured on multiple TV shows, including Ghost Adventures.

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