Have you ever taken a yoga class? How about a yoga class where you interact with goats? It's a real thing, and there are classes right here in Eastern Iowa!

Coco's Ranch in Palo is registering people for spring Goat Yoga classes. It's like a normal yoga class, but you're hanging out with a bunch of goats! We posted a story about this cool new yoga trend last year, you can read that here.

I really want to try this, it sounds like fun! My good friend and Townsquare Media contributor Courtlin gave it a shot last year. She posted a story with some awesome pictures of the cute little goats. You can view her story at this link.

If you're interested in giving Goat Yoga a shot, you can sign up here. No yoga experience is necessary, but you must be 18 years or older. Coco's is registering people now for their April classes.

Coco's Ranch is located at 3330 Pleasant Creek Road in Palo. For more information, call (319) 551-3531.

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