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In Iowa, we love to wear our Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI college gear. However, we're also big fans of unique, creative t-shirts. Here are five of my favorites.


Ope Definition T-Shirt

That strange word we tend to use in tight places is a little difficult to explain. However, this shirt does it perfectly. What will be just as fun is people coming up to you on vacation trying to pronounce it.


 Iowa Geography Mix Up T-Shirt

That is not Iowa. If somebody thinks it is, give 'em a giant potato. Yes, that's Idaho sitting under Iowa on the geography mix-up t-shirt. Fellow Iowans will definitely get the joke.


Corn on the Cob T-Shirt

It's the t-shirt that looks good enough to eat. Could someone please pass the butter and salt?


Iowant Another Beer T-Shirt

You have to admit that's a pretty clever addition to Iowan. Wear this shirt to your favorite bar and maybe, just maybe, fellow bar-goers will buy the next round or two.


Iowa Wave to the Brave T-Shirt

We're not just proud to be from Iowa, we're also very proud of the tradition now in its third season at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. The Iowa Wave to the Children's Hospital during each home football game gets me. Every. Time.