Right under our noses, for the last 40 years, a rustic barn on the shores of the Mississippi River has been housing one very special Wisconsin steakhouse.

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This is more proof that you can live really close to something amazing and have absolutely no idea it exists.

I've lived in Rockford, Illinois for over 26 years and never had any idea about the little Behr Diner hidden on the property of a local metal recycling plant.

Today's Discovery: The Barn Restaurant in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

The Barn via Facebook

Just 3 miles north of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin on County Road K, is where you'll find The Barn. The restaurant is on the shores of the Mississippi River, overlooking a marina and a golf course.

The Barn via Facebook

Visiting this place just became a whole day and night affair. Some river time, then a round of golf and dinner to finish the day.

The Barn via Facebook
The Barn via Facebook

This unbelievable sunset.

The Barn via Facebook

The menu

Huge steaks, large salad bar, broasted chicken, burgers, seafood, Friday night fish fry and Saturday prime rib specials. Sounds like everything you'd want in a Wisconsin Supper Club and more.

The Barn via Facebook

Now that you've seen the place, take a look at the full menu.

The Barn Restaurant is open Tuesday - Saturday, from 4 - 9 p.m. Dining reservations are available Thursday - Saturday.

I'm so ready to make a run to PDC for this kind of fun. Find out more on The Barn's Facebook page or their website.

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