Even though there is a pandemic going, there are still other causes in the world that need our attention to lend a helping hand. However, we have to get a little creative about this to still practice social distancing which is exactly what the Epilepsy Foundation Iowa has just done.

According to KWWL, the Epilepsy Foundation of Iowa was supposed to be having a "Walk to End Epilepsy" fundraiser in Waterloo on May 2nd as well as in Iowa City on June 6th. Of course, these actual gatherings have been cancelled because of Coronavirus which is why the walks are going online!

Epilepsy Foundation of Iowa has decided to still continue with their fundraisers of "Walk to End Epilepsy" with a virtual walk! Walk wherever you are whether it is 15 laps around your small apartment, up and down your hallway stairs or on a walk outside it is all for a good cause. The proceeds from this will go towards the services that the Epilepsy Foundation Iowa provide for the public. So if you want to get in on this virtual walk, check out more information: https://www.epilepsyiowa.org/efwalks/?fbclid=IwAR3Q-WaQIk0bI2XfdHij86C-XIBKPx-nz4Rml5zhQ5AWiymriwzi86nZIxM

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