We had some fun this week on The KRNA Morning Show! Mike invited Shelby Smith to stop by for a quick interview. Shelby is a cricket famer that lives in Ames. Yep, that's right....she's a cricket farmer!

Shelby explained the process of owning and operating a cricket farm. I was shocked that people would really want to eat these little guys! She told us the crickets have been a big hit around the Ames area and sales are going very well!

Shelby brought us in some samples of her famous Fiesta Roasted Crickets. I have to admit, they weren't that bad! They reminded me of a sunflower seed....but with eyes.

In case your wondering, crickets are very high in protein. I've been trying to lose weight recently...maybe I'll try a cricket diet!

Anyway, check out the video and let me know what you think. Would you ever eat a cricket?

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