Travel delays are on the rise across the United States and worldwide as citizens prepare for a potential COVID-19 outbreak, also known as the Coronavirus.

Here in Eastern Iowa, precautions are being taken, but airports say they are not feeling a huge impact...yet. In fact, representatives at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) tell KCRG they want to assure their patrons, travelers and passengers it's business as usual. Pam Hinman is the communication director at CID and said,

People are going on with business as normal here. I know things change, so everyone needs to monitor the news, but I think common sense really should prevail

They are communicating and coordinating with the Linn County Health Department regularly, said Hinman, on how the Coronavirus is affecting Eastern Iowa and its travel concerns.

Washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is still the best precaution you can take when out in public to dissipate the spread of the virus if you're concerned. The airport has a medical staff and public safety officers trained also as first responders to act on a moment's notice should the concern increase.


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