If you have a flight today that's leaving from the Eastern Iowa Airport, I'd get there early...very early.

When I got to the airport this morning, Sunday, October 27th, I expected the usual 7-10 minute wait. That wasn't the case and I stood in the security line for around 75 minutes. That was just to get to the front of the line and show my boarding pass!

I asked a few people if I could budge, but that went over like a lead balloon. I wasn't the only one fighting the clock as we were all in this together. I patiently waited, hoping the line would start moving and I'd be able to make my flight. (Wishful thinking)

I was told by a TSA employee, "We're down to one x-ray machine, there's nothing we can do." It also appeared they were short a few people and could have used a little help with such a heavy load of passengers.

Again, this never happens at CID. As some of you know, you can normally buzz right through security and to your gate. This is Cedar Rapids not New York City! (Sorry I yelled)

If you're wondering, I missed my flight by exactly 8 minutes. I wasn't the only person that now has to spend the day at CID. It looked like there were about a dozen people that had to look for other options. Damn it Jim!

I guess it's my fault for not showing up two hours early....but this is Cedar Rapids!  That never happens! I've been flying out of here for the last 20 years with no issues. It NEVER takes 75 minutes to get though security. Never.

Well, it did today and here I am, writing a blog instead of enjoying a Delta Airlines Bloody Mary. The story of my life. Ugh.

I'm wrote this so you don't make the same mistake I just did. It's no fun to miss a flight. And now I'll be in Cedar Rapids another 17 hours instead of warm, sunny Florida.


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