I decided to grow a beard this month. It wasn't for any particular reason, I just did it. This is the longest time I've kept hair on my face in my entire life. But now I need to make a decision.

Do I keep the beard or shave it off?

I've never considered myself hip enough to be a beard guy. That's just not me. Don't forget, I'm the same nerd that had a mullet for half of his life. But I'm starting to like the beard. Normally it starts to itch and I shave it off after a week or so. But now I'm starting to enjoy being the guy with a beard.

I leave for Christmas on Saturday to visit my family in Arizona. I already know my mother hates the beard. I know this because she told me. Mom never holds back and always tells the truth. So, do I get rid of it for her?

But here's a weird thing, I've had several people tell me the beard makes me look younger. Are these people lying to me? I mean, how can a beard make you look younger. But at my age, I'll take the compliment and move on. It's not easy being an out of shape 36 year-old. (Or something like that)

You know me as a radio guy, but I also host a television program. When I grew a goatee, my producer said, "No way. You look like Evil Jaymz!" I'm not sure what that meant, so I got rid of it and never came on set the with it again. I guess I should have my agent reach out to the bosses and see if my new look is "tv appropriate."

So, what do you think? Do I continue with the beard or shave it all off?

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