Photo: City of Cedar Rapids
Photo: City of Cedar Rapids

It's time, folks. We need a new city flag

Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart talked about the flag during his State of the City address. The Mayor said, "In the last year or two, it was named the ugliest city flag in America. Getting a more modern logo included in the flag would be kind of cool."

Yes, it would be cool. I think we should get started on this right away. There is no reason to wait...let's have this done by the end of the year! It's ugly, outdated and weird. It must go!

I think a contest with the local schools would be pretty cool. Challenge students to come up with a design for a new city flag. The designs could then be voted on by local residents. The winning school would win a prize donated by the city of Cedar Rapids.

The flag was designed back in 1962 by a Jefferson High School student. No offense to the designer, I just think we need something new and fresh.

Let's do this, Cedar Rapids!

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